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Why MBBS in Bangladesh is a Best Option for Indian Students?

Acquiring a medical education is one of the fascinating facts for many medical aspirants. Despite the seriousness of the competition in the medical circle, the trend to compete has never gone out of track. In 2021, more than 16.8 Lakhs of medical aspirants appeared for NEET. Though the medical seats in the country are much lower than the number of candidates applied, that does not discourage the students from appearing for the competitive exam to fulfill their dream of becoming doctors. 

The gap between the number of seats available and the number of students aspiring to study MBBS creates an option for students to pursue MBBS Abroad. Over the years, there have been plenty of aspirants willing to study medicine in foreign countries. One of the best destinations for MBBS Abroad is Bangladesh. The country has been an emerging option for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad. Medical universities of Bangladesh offer similar medical education as that of India. 

Why MBBS in Bangladesh is a Best Option for Indian Students?

If we look at the requirements to study MBBS in India, students must score more than 600 marks out of 720 in NEET to be able to get admission at the Government Universities in India. This is in fact a challenging task for many Indian medical aspirants. In such instances, many Indian students choose other available options such as drop a year and apply for NEET the next year or apply for MBBS at the Private Medical Institute in India. 

When it comes to private medical institutes in India, students have to bear a heavy load as the tuition fees are higher than any other country. However, the emerging option to study Medicine abroad come as a great saving to all the aspirants. Today, most students look past these options to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money by studying medicine abroad.

Bangladesh is one of the countries offering MBBS program at an affordable cost. The degree from the Best Medical Universities of Bangladesh is recognized globally and it is accepted by many countries of the world. 

Another best reason is that the country is closer to India and travelling from India to Bangladesh is not a hassle for Indians. Students can reach Bangladesh by road or by air. It entirely depends on the student’s choice and budget.

Reasons for MBBS in Bangladesh

There are a few reasons why Bangladesh has become a popular destination for many students seeking to pursue MBBS Abroad:

Indian Curriculum

Bangladesh follows the same curriculum as that of the Indian medical education system. The syllabus that the medical universities in Bangladesh follow is similar to that of the Indian syllabus. Thus, MBBS in Bangladesh makes no distinction and it allows Indian students to study MBBS approved by the NMC at an affordable cost.

No Language Barrier

The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali. However, the people of Bangladesh also speak other languages such as English, Arabic, Urdu, and Persian. English is widely spoken in the country and it is taught as a compulsory subject in all schools and colleges. Furthermore, the Medical Universities of Bangladesh use English as the medium of instruction for MBBS course.

Similar Climate 

Bangladesh has a tropical climate with mild winter, hot and humid summer, and a warm monsoon season. It is similar to that of the Indian climate. Though the climate varies from North to South, it is, however, the same as Bangladesh’s climate. Indian students who choose to pursue higher studies in Bangladesh can easily adapt to the climate. 

Similar Clinical Exposure 

The main aim of every medical university is to provide the best clinical training to all students. Top Medical colleges of Bangladesh have their own hospitals within the college campuses or the colleges/universities are affiliated with the local hospitals to provide maximum clinical exposure to the students. Since the curriculum and the study pattern is similar to that of the Indian medical education system, Indian students find it easier to pursue medical in Bangladesh and get good exposure to clinical rotations.

High FMGE Passing Percentage

The curriculum for MBBS in Bangladesh is similar to that of India, thus, Indian students find it easier to clear FMGE after their MBBS program from Bangladesh.

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MBBS in Bangladesh creates a lot of opportunities for medical aspirants. Top Medical Universities of Bangladesh not only offer the best medical education but also ensure the holistic development of the students. 

Every year, a large number of students choose Bangladesh as their study destination. The medical degree attained from the Top Medical Universities of Bangladesh is globally recognized and countries like India, Nepal, and other neighbouring countries accept students who graduated from Bangladesh to practice medicine after qualifying the country’s Medical Licensing Examination. 

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

  • Mentioned below are few of the benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh:
  • Tuition fees for MBBS program is comparatively affordable.
  • Medical colleges in Bangladesh are approved by the NMC.
  • Admissions for MBBS in Bangladesh is a hassle free process. Indian students must qualify NEET before applying for MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • No donation or capitation fee required for MBBS admission in Bangladesh.
  • Medical universities have their own hospitals for clinical training of the students.
  • There is no language or cultural differences between India and Bangladesh.
  • Medical Universities of Bangladesh are equipped with world-class infrastructure and modern technologies.
  • Studying MBBS in Bangladesh enables the students to be independent and confident in their professional as well as personal life.

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Opportunities after MBBS in Bangladesh

Medicine is a vast field. It provides various opportunities to all medical students after their MBBS degree. MBBS graduates have various options to pursue their career such as opting for higher studies other job opportunities. Here is the list of standard career options to pursue after your MBBS Degree:

1. Hospital Administration 

After MBBS from Bangladesh, apart from practicing medicine, medical graduates can also opt for Hospital management. This profession comes in handy for medical graduates. The clinical experience that the students gain from their clinical rotations while studying MBBS in Bangladesh improves their skills in Hospital management as well. 

2. Medical Professor

Becoming a Doctor might not be the only desire of a medical professional but sharing their skills and knowledge with the upcoming Doctors through their profession. One of such option is to become a Medical Professor. This career option provides many benefits to the MBBS graduates from being constantly up-to-date with the latest developments in the medical fields to getting a good monthly/yearly payment. 

3. Medical/Pharmaceutical Researchers

One of the most dynamic part about pursuing medicine in Bangladesh is being able to catch up with the changes occurring daily in the medical field. Entering into a research field after MBBS program allows the students to work in different medical fields such as pharmaceutical business, hospital laboratories, academia, research, etc. 

4. Public services

Medical graduate from Bangladesh who have completed their MBBS degree can work in India after qualifying the FMGE exam. Another best option after MBBS is to pursue Public Service career such as Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), etc.


Bangladesh is one of the best destinations for Indian students to pursue their MBBS program. Top Medical Universities of Bangladesh provides MBBS program at an affordable cost. Over the years, the education system in Bangladesh has shown great improvement which attracts many students from different countries to pursue their medical career in the country. With global recognition and approval, Medical Universities of Bangladesh gives the graduated students the chance to practice medicine anywhere in the world after qualifying the Medical Licensing Examination .