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Pre-departure ceremony - The Milan Mela 2023 held in Delhi

Milan Mela 2023 was held in Delhi on 28 July, 2023. This event is a per-departure orientation ceremony of students enrolled in top colleges in Bangladesh that was conducted by Education Abroad. The ceremony was for students who have secured admission to MBBS in Bangladesh. The special event was organized for the batch of students who have gained admission to the top medical colleges in Bangladesh.

The event was an opportunity for all the students to meet each other and get acquainted. At the ceremony the batch of students bid their final farewell to their parents and to their near and dear ones as they will be soon departing to a new country and embark on a journey to become future doctors from Bangladesh.

Among the distinguished attendees were esteemed members from the Embassy of Bangladesh in New Delhi, Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor (Retd.), and the representatives of Education Abroad, adding to the grandeur of the ceremony.

Milan Mela 2023 was attended by the students and their parents. The event was an emotional one, especially for all the parents as their children were leaving their home country. Saying goodbyes to their children some parents found it very difficult as their children were leaving away from home for the very first time. Milan Mela 2023 was a celebration and a ceremony that marked the departure of the students ready to embark on a new journey in a new country.