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MBBS in Bangladesh: Admission Process

To get admissions to the top medical colleges in Bangladesh, Study MBBS in Bangladesh is an authorized organization in India to facilitate MBBS admissions.

We help students explore each university before deciding for their admissions to the top medical colleges in Russia. We help students choose the medical colleges, once selected, we proceed with the documentation process and apply for admission to the college.

We assist the students from day one of their counseling session and extend our help in visa application, travel arrangements, help students settle at the university, assist the students throughout the MBBS program in Bangladesh.

The admission process is as follows:

Book a Counseling session-

You can book for a counseling session online, give us a call on our toll-free number or drop us a message on WhatsApp.

Our expert counselors will get back to you once we receive your request.


During your counseling session, we would review your eligibility for MBBS admission. If you have qualified NEET, you are eligible for the MBBS program in Bangladesh.

University Selection-

Medical Universities in Bangladesh are approved by MCI.

For selecting the medical university that is best for you, our counselors will help you depending on your financial resources and personal preferences.


Once you select the college, we will initiate the admission process with the college.

Invitation Letter-

Once your admission is confirmed, an invitation letter is issued, we will immediately proceed with the student visa process.

Travel Arrangements-

We take care of the passport, visa, air-tickets, paperwork and other required documents

Fly to Bangladesh-

On the day you fly to Bangladesh to begin your career, we will be at the airport.

MBBS in Bangladesh-

Once you reach Bangladesh and settle at the college, your journey for a 5-year MBBS program begins.