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Few of the Benefits of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country next to the northeast Indian provincial regions in South Asia. The country is surrounded by India on three sides and Myanmar on the South-eastern corner. 

The country's culture is similar to the Indian culture. Their dressing sense, food, festivals are almost the same as that of the Indians. 

Education in Bangladesh consists of 12 years of compulsory primary and secondary education for every citizen. It is administered by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. The Ministry is responsible for implementing primary and secondary education in the country. Public schools in Bangladesh are state-funded and free of charge for education. In most of the schools, the medium of Instruction is in Bengali, however, there are also schools that use English as a medium of instruction. 

Bangladesh is also known as one of the best destinations for higher education. Top Universities such as medical institutes are looking after by the government. It is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. The cost of living, tuition fees, and quality of education attract medical aspirants from different corners of the world to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

For Indian students, Studying in Bangladesh is undoubtedly one of the best decisions. 

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Indian students who want to study MBBS in Abroad must consider MBBS in Bangladesh. Medical Universities in Bangladesh are Government aided and help students to pursue their higher studies and transform their dreams of becoming doctors into reality.

MBBS in Bangladesh is recognized globally for its quality and various other reasons.

Here are some benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh:

#1 No Donation or Capitation Fees

Top Medical Universities in Bangladesh do not charge donation or capitation fees for the MBBS program in Bangladesh. Students will only have to pay for the annual tuition fee, Hostel, and Mess fees. 

#2 Easy Admission Process

For Indian medical aspirants, admission for MBBS in Bangladesh is through NEET, a common medical entrance examination in India. Students must qualify NEET to get admission to the Medical Universities in Bangladesh for MBBS program. No additional entrance examination is required. 

#3 World-class Infrastructure

The Medical Universities in Bangladesh are equipped with world-class infrastructure and modern technologies for theoretical as well as clinical training programs. 

#4 Cost-effective tuition fees

The average tuition fees for 5 years MBBS in Bangladesh ranges from 25 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs depending on the University. It is comparatively cheaper than that of any Private Indian medical Institute.

#5 International Exposure

Indian students who are studying in Bangladesh get international exposure as there are students from different countries as well who are studying MBBS in Bangladesh. The interactions among the students allow the students to expose their beliefs and culture on a different level.

#6 Career opportunity

Returning home after MBBS from Bangladesh gives you plenty of opportunities to look forward to. As most of the colleges are recognized globally, students who graduate from any of the top medical colleges in Bangladesh have a lot of career options.

Students can practice in India after clearing the FMGE screening test or practice in the USA, Canada, or any other country of the world. Graduate students also have the option to pursue higher education such as the post-graduation program, MD, Clinical Research, and any other specialist course.

#7 Lifetime Experience

Studying Abroad can be a lifetime experience for the students. It can bring a lot of changes in the student's personality, changes in their perspective, etc.

#8 Independent

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh gives the students the opportunity to be independent and responsible for their own things. In a wide range, it helps the students to be more confident in the way they tackle things.

#9 High FMGE passing rate

The syllabus for MBBS in Bangladesh is similar to that of the Indian medical schools. Students studying MBBS in Bangladesh are trained following the similar study pattern and study materials as that of the Indian Medical School. Many students have cleared FMGE exams and are now working in many leading hospitals. MBBS graduates from Bangladesh can appear for the FMGE exam after their graduation.

#10 Worldwide recognition

MBBS degree obtained from Top Medical Universities of Bangladesh is recognized by NMC, WHO, WDOMS, FAIMER, and other authorized bodies from different countries of the world.

#11 Availability of Indian food

In a lot of ways, Bangladeshi cuisine is comparable to that of Indian cuisine, be it main food items or snacks. Indian students who are studying in Bangladesh will not find any difficulty when it comes to the food in Bangladesh.


Over the years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of students studying MBBS in Bangladesh. If you are one of the medical aspirants who wish to study MBBS Abroad, MBBS in Bangladesh is the best option.