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Why MBBS in Bangladesh is the Ideal Destination for Medical Students

For Indian students contemplating the pursuit of higher education abroad, the option of pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine, or Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in Bangladesh emerges as a highly favorable choice. In contemporary times, Bangladesh has garnered significant preference among international students harboring aspirations to embark on a career as medical practitioners and desiring to undertake MBBS studies within a distinguished medical university. The primary rationale behind the increasing popularity of Bangladesh as a preferred destination for medical education lies in the economic feasibility of pursuing such studies. Let's discuss the major factor that makes Bangladesh an ideal destination for medical students.

Similar Climate

For Indian students, one of the primary reasons to choose MBBS in Bangladesh is the local climate. The climate in Bangladesh is very similar to that of India, so Indian students visiting Bangladesh have no problem getting used to the weather.

Similar culture

Bangladesh is not much different from India. It follows a similar culture and tradition, that are very much like the culture and tradition in India. The cuisine, language, and festivals in Bangladesh are clear examples of its resemblance with India. Students can easily get all vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods like India in hostels and markets. Food is the same, so students have a homely feeling when residing in Bangladesh.

Similar Syllabus

The five-year MBBS course in Bangladesh universities has the same medical syllabus as the curriculum in India. Most of the top universities in Bangladesh are NMC recognized. So medical syllabi, and disease patterns in Bangladesh universities are similar to India. The education pattern is very closely comparable to Indian medical education in terms of syllabus, course books, duration of study, internship training, etc. Indian students donít face much difficulty in learning MBBS from Bangladesh. Bangladesh has one of the highest FMGE passing ratios because the standard of medical education is at par with Indian Medical colleges.

English medium of education

It is not mandatory to learn a new language to study MBBS in Bangladesh, since universities in Bangladesh conduct their MBBS course in English medium.

Easy Visa process

Students can apply to top universities in Bangladesh easily. Most of the universities in Bangladesh are National Medical Commission-approved. A student with a valid NEET score can apply for admission. Once the student receives the recommendation letter from the university, the student can apply for a Visa. The visa process usually takes up to 45 days for approval.

No donation

The huge cost of medical education in India is due to donation fees that students are required to pay to the university along with the tuition fee. In Bangladesh, university tuition fees are affordable and there are no donation fees charged by the university.

Affordable living

Bangladesh is well known for being a cost-effective budget-friendly country for International students. The cost of living, along with the cost of travel, food facilities, etc is affordable.

Global reputation

The Medical Institutes in Bangladesh are globally recognized and are duly certified by the leading international bodies including NMC (National Medical Commission), WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools), Medical and Dental Council of Bangladesh, Equivalent standard of South East Asia and British, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare government of Bangladesh, World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) Ministry of Education, Bangladesh Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)

Quality education

Universities in Bangladesh offer top-quality education. MBBS in Bangladesh is highly reputed due to its adherence to global standards. The amenities offered by medical universities in Bangladesh are outstanding. The medical degrees are acknowledged worldwide, making MBBS in Bangladesh truly global.

Final words

MBBS from Bangladesh is an ideal choice for the Indian student. Students can now fulfill their dreams of pursuing an MBBS from top reputed universities of Bangladesh because of the affordability that is offered and the quality of medical education, high-end infrastructure, and medical facilities.