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MBBS in Bangladesh: Everything You Need to Know

MBBS in Bangladesh is considered as one of the best decision majorly because of the quality of medical education and the affordable fees structure offered by the medical universities of Bangladesh. MBBS in Bangladesh offers an added advantage to all the Indian students, and that added advantage is of cultural similarity. Within a short period, Bangladesh has gained popularity as a study destination among other international students.

Why MBBS in Bangladesh?

In India, the cost of pursuing MBBS from a private medical college which has a decent infrastructure is no less than INR 50,00,000, and many times this amount reaches over one crore, depending on which college or which part of the country you have selected. On the other hand, the cost of pursuing MBBS from Bangladesh is much cheaper. 

Mentioned below are some of the reasons for MBBS in Bangladesh getting popular among Indian students:


In Bangladesh, you do not have to worry about the language as you will feel right at home. Many medical universities in Bangladesh offer medical education in English Medium. 


MBBS in Bangladesh is much cheaper than in India and any other countries like the USA, United Kingdom, etc.


The value of the Bangladeshi currency is affordable to the Indian Rupee. It helps the students maintain their budget while enjoying the country, its culture, food, and other things.


Food in Bangladesh has almost a similar taste when compared to Indian cuisine. You can also find Indian restaurants easily in the country.

Cost of traveling

The cost of traveling from India to Bangladesh is very cheap and affordable. You have an option to either travel by train or flight depending on your choice.

Eligibility Criteria

To get admission to MBBS in Bangladesh, you must qualify the NEET exam. Once you qualify NEET, no other entrance examination is required for MBBS admission in Bangladesh. 

Course duration

Medical universities in Bangladesh offer a 5-year MBBS course. In these 5 years, the students will get theoretical, classroom as well as clinical training.

Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh

  • To seek admission in the medical colleges of Bangladesh, one does not have to pay any donation or capitation fee.
  • The quality of education, along with the infrastructure, practical exposure, accommodation, safety, and security, is better.
  • To seek admission to the medical colleges in Bangladesh, there is no entrance test. Therefore, the application process is very simple and hassle-free to enroll in the medical universities of Bangladesh.
  •  The hospitals, where students are sent for practical exposure, are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology. 

MBBS in Bangladesh: Fee Structure

The cost of pursuing MBBS from any medical college of Bangladesh is very reasonable, which comes around INR 25-33 lakh, (including food and accommodation). However, the cost may vary completely depending on the college you enrolled in and the kind of lifestyle you have.

Top 5 Medical Universities to Study MBBS in Bangladesh

  1.  Medical College for women and Hospital, Uttara
  2.  Dhaka National Medical College, Dhaka
  3.  IBN SINA Medical College, Dhaka
  4.  Eastern Medical College, Chittagong
  5.  Shahabuddin Medical College, Dhaka

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