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MBBS in Bangladesh and its Advantages

Becoming a doctor is one of the most cherished dreams of an Indian student. It is one of the noblest professions and every child dream to be a doctor at some point in time in his life. the government medical colleges in India provide affordable and quality education but the seats in government medical colleges are limited and every year the competition is increasing every year. The other alternative to government medical colleges in the private medical colleges which charge exorbitant fees for the course. Not everyone can afford to study MBBS in those private colleges. Hence, a lot of students have to give up on their dreams. Well, this is not to be the case anymore, pursuing MBBS abroad is a preferable option for many students. MBBS in abroad is affordable compared to the private medical colleges in India and comes with a lot of experience. 

One of the most affordable countries for pursuing MBBS abroad in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is located in the east of India. It is a founding member of SAARC and is one of the fast-developing nations in South Asia. Bangladesh provides affordable MBBS and the quality is quite high as well. There are around 25 public universities and 50 privates universities for MBBS in Bangladesh. Its low-cost education and quality of education make it a favorite among students of South Asia and in the Indo-Pacific region. In fact, its quality of MBBS can be known by the fact that the MCI passing percentage in Bangladesh is higher than any other country. 

Some of the advantages of studying in Bangladesh are:

  1. Low cost of education and quality of education – MBBS in Bangladesh is very affordable and the cost of living is low as well. Along with low expenses, the quality of education provided is really great. For Indian students, there will be no tuition fees as India is a part of SAARC. 25% of seats in every medical college is reserved for students from SAARC. The colleges are also verified by MCI. Language is also not a barrier as English is the medium of communication in classrooms. There is direct admission to those colleges provided you match the eligibility criteria of Bangladesh. There is no need for any donation.

  2. Cultural similarities with India – there won’t be any problem in adjusting to a foreign nation as Bangladesh and India share similar cultural ties. There won’t be any issues with food. As the distance proximity is very near to India, students can come and go easily.

  3. Exposure – studying in a foreign university will expose you to great things which will help in the growth of your personality. Studying under eminent faculties will help you in your career. You will also get to meet students from different cultures and backgrounds which will help you get rid of any inherent biases or prejudices and make you truly into a global doctor. Being in a new country means you can travel and explore the country and make wonderful memories.

So what are you waiting for, apply now, and book your seat in Bangladesh.